Let your dreams come true with our custom PM exhaust systems. We offer you mufflers to build your own special setup, within legal regulations. For motorcycles up to year of construction 2016.

RETRO-Line single exhaust


NEO-CLASSIC-Line single exhaust


  • 1 stainless steel standard muffler Retro-Line oder Neo-Classic-Line with PM sound system
  • optionally with holding block/retaining rail (in the middle in the back)
  • connection length (from 35mm)/different sizes for connector
  • 1 front-cap and 1 rear-cap in sanded, black or chrome
  • pre-mounted bowdencables
  • manual lever, lever holder and if necessary catalysts must be ordered separately
    (manual lever in silver 99,90 €, lever holder standard 16,80 € (other lever holder price on request), 1 catalyst 74,50 €)

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The EG-BE is only valid if certain conditions are met. Please contact us first before starting the project. Every change to the drive train can cause the loss of the EG-BE permission.
Special Instructions: legal to use on open roads with closed valve. Riding with an open valve will be a violation to noise regulations. The cables need to be connected to the manual lever and full working. The installation of the manual lever on the handlebar is not permitted.